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$ 430.00

a chandlier as beatiful as booling flower. The chandlier itself is in flower shape. It has gold colour crystal in the inside wall of the
flower patels and clear crystal on the outer side of the loight wall. The r...


$ 425.00

This is a very beatifuly designed LED chandlier. Crystal wall on the on the outer side of the LED lit ring and 6 spiral
shaped 2 side crystal walls make very bright on the bright mode yet eye soothing light on al...


$ 360.00

This dome shaped chandlier is perfect for people looking for luxury chandlier in budget price. It can be used in varities of settings
including bedroom , living room, lounge, or hallway. LED is used as light sour...


$ 549.00

This ring shaped chandlier is finished in gear like ring. Outer edge is clear crystal and inner side is gold crystal. The 4 birds in the
middle are lit by LED chips. Bird are highlighted with LED chips giving it ...


$ 380.00

This round shaped chandlier with dominant gold colour crystals. The chandlier has two colour crystals, gold on the outer edge of the ring and the middel design and clear crystals in the inside of the ring. This chnadl...


$ 350.00

1. Crystal Ceiling Light
2. LED 3 Color
3. Remote Control
4. Driver With SAA Certificate
5. Quality Pass SAA Certificate 


$ 499.00

"This is a big round chandlier with big round ring of crystals in jig jag shape, lit by LED chips. This chandlier has two clours of crystal, Clear and Gold. Gold colour crystals make the gold colour more vibrant. Beat...